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Wild Widow @ Emergenza Finale régionale Botanique 17-06-2012

04 Wild Widow @ Emergenza Finale régionale Botanique 17-06-2012

EMERGENZA est le plus grand festival européen de musique live consacré aux groupes émergents. Toutes les formations, de tous styles et de tous niveaux, qu'elles reprennent des tubes ou jouent des morceaux originaux peuvent participer à la manifestation. Le festival a lieu partout dans le monde. La manifestation se déroule en plusieurs soirées et s'articule un peu comme les poules d'une compétition sportive. Chaque soir, différents groupes montent sur scène pour présenter leurs shows et à la fin de ceux-ci, c'est le public de la salle qui vote à main levée pour faire savoir dans quelle mesure il a apprécié le spectacle.

WILD WIDOW is a Belgian Rock / Blues-Rock/ Folk-Rock Band born in September 2007 from the meeting of Sully, Country Rock / Rock singer, and Scratchingdog, independent studio session and live guitar player.
Sharing the same musical spirit, they soon discover how complementary they are through their efficient co-operation, their writing of original lyrics and the composition of elaborated melodies.
Scratch is prolific with his riffs and compositions,while Sully structures them, determining the singing lines and writing the lyrics.
Because they chose to play their own repertoire, keen to avoid the "tribute of" , they accumulate enough titles in only a few weeks to feel the need to lock themselves in a studio,in order to record their first album. So, they will broaden their association by searching talented musicians with similar ideas or artistic feelings and who, of course, play the necessary instruments,in line with their musical influences such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Aerosmith, Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, Sonny Boy, Yes, etc.

WILD WIDOW doesn't make any traditional Blues nor do they play simple Rock either. The Band's compositions are full of surprises, be it because of the variety of their rhythms or the identity of their own particular sounds.
They entered into the studio in February 2008 and striving for perfection, they worked diligently for 10 long months on their first album named "ON THE ROCKS", which was ready by the end of the year, featuring a very nice Christmas gift!
This was going to be a " test album" for the new Band with positively surprising results which even exceeded their expectations!

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